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What is Microdosing? What You Need to Know

Psychedelic drugs, such as magic mushrooms and LSD, are typically associated with mind-bending trips and spiritual discovery. However, if you head to major cities like New York and San Francisco, you’ll meet people who are taking these drugs in tiny doses to improve their lives.

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Why Microdosing Mushrooms Beats Coffee, Adderall, and Other Smart Drugs

For the longest time, people have dismissed psychedelic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms. They are best known to create intense psychological experiences that vary from person to person. However, some within the scientific community have been looking at the benefits of microdosing mushrooms in treating mental health conditions. That said, how does microdosing mushrooms […]

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CBD: The Complete Guide To Cannabidiol Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

You’ve probably heard about the recent nationwide surge of interest in CBD and its effects. Within just the last few years, CBD has gained notoriety for its widespread uses; we’re using it for everything from general use “supplements” to effective seizure prevention medication.  If you’re curious about what CBD might be able to do for […]

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How Much CBD Oil Should I Take For My Anxiety?

If you have been struggling with anxiety in your life, you may be wondering how CBD oil can help you. Taking CBD oil is a way to treat your anxiety through natural means. And as society starts to recognize the great health benefits of CBD, more states and provinces in North America are promoting CBD for […]

microdosing and brain development with magic mushrooms. Strains of psilocybin mushrooms in recreational use. Use of psilocybin mushrooms for brain development

How to Microdose Psilocybin Mushrooms

Learning how to microdose psilocybin mushrooms does not have to be a complicated process. If you are new to this field, it is a method that you should be careful when considering. This type of alternative therapy can produce several benefits for individuals, but you should exercise caution while exploring this area of natural medicine.  […]

Hallucinogens For Psychedelic Therapy

Using Hallucinogens For Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic therapy is a technique in the therapeutic process that utilizes psychedelic substances to get results. This is not a new concept, as these substances have been used by humankind throughout history in many spiritual practices, rituals, and medicine. Actual research on psychedelic-assisted therapy spiked in the ’50s and ’60s before dropping off and picking […]

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CBD Tinctures – Your Ultimate Guide

CBD tinctures are an increasingly popular option among consumers looking for quick and effective ways of getting CBD, but are they right for you? In this guide, you will learn more about CBD oil tincture options, including their safety, how to use them, and how they differ from regular oils. What Is CBD? CBD, or […]

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Microdosing Mushrooms for Anxiety

When you hear about magic mushrooms, you’re probably thinking about tie-dye shirts and psychedelic rock music. However, magic mushrooms (also known as psilocybin) are on the fast track towards treating mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety. Microdosing is the act of taking tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs to achieve a boost of mental and […]

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Trading Psychedelics for Prescriptions: Improving Mental Health

People who suffer from mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, are always looking for a solution to improve the quality of life. From prescription medicine to yoga, the therapeutic remedies seem to help maintain stability, but only for the short-term. Microdosing psychedelics is a recent trend and has powerful claims to treat symptoms […]

Free shipping across Canada on orders over $99.