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Neuro Botanicals (Brain) Microdose Mushroom Capsules


Our oldest and most popular formula. Based on the theories of Paul Stamets, this synergistic blend of Lions Mane, Niacin and Golden Teacher mushrooms is designed to promote neurogenesis. Results show our Brain Formula to greatly reduce the symptoms of mood disorders while improving interpersonal relationships, outlook, and general well being. If you’re new to microdosing and interested in a wide range of benefits, this is where to begin your journey.

Product Details

  • Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus)………………425mg
  • Golden Teacher (Psilocybe cubensis)………50mg
  • Niacin (nicotinic acid)……………………………………………..25mg

Take 1 – 2 capsules as needed with meals. 1 hour away from other medications, supplements or caffeine.

30 capsules per container

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Microdosing involves ingesting small amounts of natural substances to boost your mood, your cognitive ability, and overall well-being without side effects such as hallucinations. Naturally occurring compounds can help you stay alert and focused while promoting feelings of peace and calm.

To benefit from microdosing, you need to ingest a combination of these compounds to experience the full effects. Our Brain Formula contains just the right amount of Golden Teacher mushrooms, Lion’s Mane mushrooms, and niacin (Vitamin B3) to help boost focus, cognitive ability; and help reduce anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of mood disorders.

Golden Teacher mushrooms contain Psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound. This compound can help reduce anxiety while increasing creativity, openness, and interpersonal relationships. Lion’s Mane edible mushrooms can help boost your immune health, increase cognition, and reduce anxious feelings while preventing age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Niacin can help improve brain function. This vitamin can also help lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol and helping to relieve arthritic pain.

We offer a variety of microdosing formulas to help you live your best life. For an extra boost of energy, check out our Energy Microdose Mushroom Capsules. To feel calm and peaceful during the day, we recommend our Calm Microdose Mushroom Capsules.


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Neuro Botanicals (Brain) Microdose Mushroom Capsules

Free shipping across Canada on orders over $99.